MANY a time I am confronted by an interesting question from those who admire my work as to what my inspiration is. For all the different answers that I ever gave to whoever had asked, my answer entailed referring to someone as my inspiration, be it a poet, hip hop artist or an ordinary individual. Whatever answer I gave was only half of what inspires me.

I am inspired by the mere fact that my breathing today is not a coincidence but rather a choice God made for me. In one of my most recent poems entitled Time the introductory line says “the hands of time never travel the same path twice, hence death keeps reminding us every time it strikes”. What the line communicates to me is that every second of every minute needs to be utilized wisely and appropriately.

Secondly I am inspired by the fact that I have come very close and escaped the greedy gates of death, when I was attacked and tortured by a mysterious illness in 2005 and early last year when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic curable disease of the pericardium (TB PERICARDITIS/TB EA PELO). You may be asking yourself where and how do I draw inspiration from those unfortunate moments of my life, but fact is; I have come to realize and acknowledge that no matter how young, how talented, how obedient or how active you are, anything that might claim your life can happen any time and since I have no control over what may happen to me I fully exercise my authority over what I can do with my time, talent and hence life.

Thirdly seeing people break the walls of impossibilities with their metallic fists of courage instills and inculcates in my mind courage, persistence and determination which all boil up together into hot steam of inspiration. I have known and met wordsmith and writers like Core Wreckah , Mr Leseli Mokhele, Peter Mahase and Mpho Sefali to name but a few, who have woven their bed sheets from nonexistent fabrics. Through their courage and determination they have wisely utilized their time (and finances) to bring growth into the entertainment and arts sphere of the Mountain Kingdom.

Lastly the people, who from their precious time give me a few minutes of their time to listen to what my poetry has to say, inspire me to continue doing what I do. A great deal of my inspiration I gather from my mother, who I can proudly describe as a powerful and optimistic mother. All the ladies in my life, be it friends, collegues, and business partner, you inspire me.

Allow me to clothe everyone who has and continues to inspire me with warm but cool blankets of gratitude; Lyrical Bacteria is what he is because of you. Poetry is my life, me and poetry are inseparable and hence I thank you for making my life wonderful.


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