Please constructively criticize this poem. It comes from my old collection.

Landlords of bulletproof minds

Engineer bridges of mental liberation

Suffocate darkness-coated palms of misconception

The destructive criticism –filled guns

Guns whose skins initiate, send

Regular ripples of hatred shivering

Question the creativity of creative minds

Mock the existence of utilized talents

Armed with surveillance cameras

Of constantly replenished mental alertness

Drowned in stinky muddy struggle

Feet rise like hot water vapor

Bulletproof minds generate mutation

Injecting, infecting bullets from a distance

Bullets sewn from crass stupidity and jealousy

Mental stomachs, digestive juices

Ever alert as eyelashes

Digest bullets into tones  of inspiration

Induce lubrication lubricating friction

Dispersed webs meant to trap these creative minds

As if they be fish in a nearby  river

Sink upwards contrary to gravity theory

Mounted on broad shoulders

Of independent opinion

Reinforced with cement

Born from outmost determination

Bulletproof minds flee not their standing



  1. owee..ao banna!! No criticism just mad mad props, i love the way the words spit emotion leaving me yearning for more..this is good

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