Dried Fruit

Once again welcome to the LB zone. Today we present to you’re a wordsmith whom people admire for his music production abilities as well as his music as a hip hop head. But today it is his poetry side that we present; the poem that follows is T-Mac is own work which is yet to be published under the Poets Paradise Male Poets project 2010, a Weekly Mail newspaper project through its Poets Paradise column.

By Thulo “t-Mac Monyake

Sweeter the juice the more innocent the child is,

 The darker the mood the more tensely ring the violins’ Strings playing melodies of heartfelt sorrows

 Harmonies, they hum on their knees for tomorrow.

 ‘Cause yesterday came but then

refused to pass Halting while

haunting people with images of the past.

Today, it seems that a week has gone by

 But I suffer no momentary silence I just cry.

I’m heavy on the inner,

 though the heavy weight of that sinner

 Was lifted off of me, just before the serving of dinner Appetisers dessert,

the sweet soup of a kinder

Joy lucky packet toys for this un- coy mister

 Shy away as his is a bigger void.

So once again when the army soldiers deploy

From enemy camps and his own armies destroyed

Songs of sadness like the blues become

an anthem Society says gospels all that they can hand him.

 A child bruised right from the soul like from a phantom,

 Made scab in a war that nobody can fathom.

See what they do not see, is the bruises hit the spirit

And little by little by bloody little gets to his limit!

 So who’s with it? I ask and so do you

But we all in it we just fail to see the truth,

Kids work through the pain and aches when eyes are blue,

As society frowns on the weak and those of you,

Who expose scum in family, friends in adulthood

Who shine light on the dirt in overcoats

and under hoods

Who hold each other down and

 touch blood like it aint good

But cover for their lovers when killing our child hood!

 Say it’s for the better; say it can never come out

Say it would tarnish the family;

say it with their own mouths

Say we’ll be fine they see nothing,

 say what’s that about Say we liars,

say it aint true without a doubt,

I say how you gone act like this is something you don’t notice,

I say EF it! You just scared to speak out you lack focus EF it!

You afraid to be judged and you know this! EF it!

So you let it pass and it erodes kids…..

The worlds only as bad as people make it.

Yeah God’s way seems hard seems hard

but it’s only cause people fake it.

 See many of the men that apparently seem to take it

Serious are the ones that are first to bleed and

break So… savour the future and tutor our seedlings

Educate them on how to guard their inner being

 Guide them through the dark of the world

don’t judge their sinning

But cleanse it with the loving of God,

and spirit healing.

Many children exposed to violence at tender ages

 It becomes a part of them and

they grow further to taste it

Then feed it to the next generation

starting a cycle It just gets more twisted long as peoples’ minds idle.

©Thulo Monyake


One comment

  1. wow!!dope piece reflecting the real truth of this morden-day-society we live in!!!lets bring child abuse down to its knees so as to bring society to its senses!!!

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