Mispelt Truth

A poem by IVY whose Poets Blog interview is captured below


The poetry of my mentality

Lies in the way the world burdens me

My heart bleeds from the tip of my pen

 I breathe from the movement of my hand

My apparatus for thought explores my mind

And speaks the words only my heart is willing to utter

 My sanity sways to the story my mentality tells through a pen

A mispelt truth on my canvas of thought

Proves I’m not what most think I am

I’m a servant for my pen; I strive to meet his demands

A mispelt thought on my picture of truth

Confirms I will never be what you dream

I might become I ordain my pen;

I bow to the shrine I have built on a bare page

 And I was inspired to portray truth

This is because when reality results in misbelieve I resort to poetry

 When reality results in misbelieve

 I turn to truth scribbled in verse Tucked in verse I relax,

tucked in verse I stress less Praise is to the pen!

 The compass of truth, the utensil for thought

When silence sets itself in my surroundings

My thoughts speak and a blank page embraces my skill

 When my active mind unleashes thought,

I lean on For I belong in the barrier of my pen’s dominion

There I have someone to depend on

This is where my mind’s trials are settled with poetic justice

 Where I give my testimony of truth

 Carefully written on my book of thought

The vacancy of a sheet of paper arouses my mind



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