Poets Blog Interview – Lineo Segoete

Lineo Charlotte Segoete

Article: Tête-â-tête with the she-master of Underground Poetry

You might not have seen her perform at many functions but anytime you heard her, you should have been mesmerized by the charm in her poetry! Her poetry reflects truth, belief, and a reflection of what her inner being is or might have gone through; and her ability to freestyle poetry earns her a title of Master! The Poets’ Blog features this astounding young female poet, Ms. Lineo Charlotte Segoete, as their first feature to share her views on poetry and a glimpse into her poetry as well!

Q: Who is Lineo Segoete? And how define yourself in poetry?
A: I have no idea who I am… Lineo is reserved, open-minded, inquisitive, a blabbermouth… I don’t believe in limits, and everything else is basically just cliché! I’d like to think I have brains! And I love arts in all its forms! How do I define myself in poetry… I’d like to believe that everybody is blessed with some kind of platform of expression, and I just happen to be given WORD! I don’t necessarily call myself a poet; I’d rather call myself a writer!

Q: When did you start writing poetry and what inspired you?
A: I started in `99, when I was in Form A! I actually wanted to write rhymes at first, but that wasn’t me, and at that time, a lot was happening in my life, and I don’t believe in diaries, so I found writing poetry as a way of writing what I’m going through without putting it down in a literal sense.

Q: Why is it that we haven’t seen you in many gigs or poetry performances?
A: Poetry is very personal, and no disrespect, but many people doing it are entertainers, hence the reason you haven’t seen me at gigs is because I’m not about the hype! Poetry is personal for me, I want to be able to go on stage and touch someone, being it positively or negatively, not just make a good show!

Q: Where do we see Lineo two years from now?
A: This is what you need to know, as long as there is pen and paper, I’ll continue writing, whether I get paid for it or not, and if there’s a gig I believe in, I’ll go perform there!

Q: But have you ever performed before, and if so, where have you performed before?
A: Yeah! At Parcoffs (Bloemfontein), at the recent Fana ka Lerato Fana ka Bophelo function at Maseru Club, at Redds promotions that were held at Good Times, and at a poetry club at school!

Q: Who is your inspiration in poetry, and who are your best three local poets?
A: I look up to people like Common, Black Thought, Langston Hughes (writer), and whoever wrote the bible! My best three poets are Nuch, Drizzle, and Lyrical Bacteria!

Q: But how do you relate hip hop and poetry?
A: Like every other genre, there are different fragments of hip hop, and my ideal real hip hop is poetry on beats! Poetry is feeling! But both stem from experience, and one’s interpretation of the experiences.

Q: What do you think of the state of poetry in Lesotho and what do you think needs to be done to enhance the art?
A: People should stop stereotyping poetry in that, it’s not just written form or spoken word, but you can find poetry in music, paintings, sculptures etc. Stop confining it! You don’t always have to rhyme, but however you want to do it, do it! Stop talking and do! I for one set up a my poetry blog (lazyeye01.blogspot.com)! Props goes to people like Miss P, for introducing the Poetry Corner; Ma Lord, for the Fana ka Lerato project; and props to everyone who’s writing and doing something about it.

Q: Is there anything else about you that you’d like the people to know?
A: Food for thought: there are two aspects to a person, there’s reputation and character. Before you go and judge, forsake the ‘mask’ and look deep into a person, then you can judge!

Q: Final words…
A: Support local talent! Give yourself time to appreciate and understand hip hop! Break away the stereotype of poetry and listen! Stop judging and find beauty in everything because there is!


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