Sarira Poetry Pack

Hey what’s good people? I believe most of you who visit this blog are wordsmiths somehow and if so you surely know or have heard of Writer’s Block. Our friends there at Seamrocker decided to do something interesting inspired by writers block. With poems he (Boomslang) was unable to finish he has made a collection of such poems which he distributes freely, (through the internet obviously). Below is just the introduction by Boomslang.

Welcome to my first poetry composition pack, Sarira. In the following document, I have enclosed some of my works since 2000. That is since back in high school. The days of a student are kind of trying. And like they say the brain centre is kept keyed up to a high pitch. The mind fatigues easily and it ought to be rested occasionally. Therefore, the student should unwind at intervals, and engage in something distant from study. I chose poetry. . .

Initially, my poetry was a much classified, personal affair to me. I never thought my writing, whether prose or poetry was any good, until I showed it to San-hedrin at varsity!

The positive response I got encouraged me to maintain and gave me the bravery to show others and obtain a second opinion from those wiser than I. I continued to write more poems and continued with new support to draw from my life experiences the brainwave necessary for composing good quality poems. I have composed more poems and I just picked 12 of my most personal ones, and put them together in a pack.

The Sarira pack is a 12 poem collection of poems written between the year 2000 and 2007. The poems in the pack are skillfully written, replete with metaphors, oxymoron and more. Be warned, you need to be a person with massive word power and vocabulary to finish off the poems.

The Sarira poetry pack according to him is a platform for local poets to stretch their creativity to new levels as the mammoth challenge will be to write in one’s unique style but still keep up with the theme and mood of the poem.

If as poets and poetry fanatics you show enough interest and actually take time to finish poems of your interest, you can send back your verse(s) to him and then ultimately he will present the finished products as a follow-up poetry pack, with your names being acknowledged.

The pack is obtainable on a facebook group called Seamrocker; you can go download it there. For those of you who have not signed up with facebook, I will try my outmost to see to it that I post the link here also. To send back the verse (s) OR comment to BOOMSLANG, please utilize this email address: Also the easiest is to leave a comment on the Seamrocker FB group. ONE!



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  1. GOODLOOKING out ma dude, ever since we last had a word- i’ve been trying to push this PACK to the right people and i linked up with this other dude from UK… he’s actually workin wit a publishing co. and they want me to increase the tally to 40 so they can publish it… will hit you guys back wit the 4 double thou. I’d jus switched lanes, workin on the prose recently… And for givin a bro a pushin… MUCH APPRECIATED. Lets spread the WORD.

    Get it here

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