Eroded Self Control

They walk the face of the earth
With burglarproofs of eroded self-control
Welded deep into their behavior
Time and again blame it on the alcohol
‘Had too many to drink, had too many gulps
But the undeniable truth stands firm
Like the liberty statue
Whatever evil deed done in a drunken state
Must have been contemplated while sober

Shifting the blame is but a tendency
To hibernate away from honesty
As its winter season bites with a sharp cold front
Has booze ever ‘sexified’ a four-month old baby girl
Who falls prey to sexual molestation?
Enveloped in bloody long –term effects
Every time you ask. Why did you, How come, Why this?
“I was drunk is the best answer their minds can ever afford”

And as the stupidity in their answers walks tall
In high heels of foolishness
Your find yourself agreeing with Shakespeare
That Hell is empty, all the devils are here.
©Sechaba Keketsi


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