The internet era – Lesotho poetry on the internet

06 Jan

In every art form the internet or rather the use of internet has been seen to drive the engines of progress in the right direction, well depending on how it is used. With the advancement of the internet the world is now considered a global village, only requiring one to put their fingers on that keyboard or that mobile phone.
In poetry too, the internet has made things really simple. One can easily develop a headache trying to find the best top five poetry websites. The point I am driving home here is that poetry is so abundant on the internet once can easily loose track of poetry blogs and sites they know.
Coming to my home country Lesotho, one would wonder if the same notion of ‘abundance’ applies. With the majority of poetry events held in Maseru, the capital city and the majority of poets, (well to certain extend) based in Maseru it is beyond the shadow of doubt that poetry is more alive in the capital city than any of the other nine districts. With such an unpleasant state of affairs one would expect that Lesotho poetry is more alive on the internet than anywhere. But though it hurts to kiss the sometimes salty lips of reality, it is not the case.
To say one knows of more than ten Lesotho poetry blogs let alone websites would be quite a bad exaggeration, unless convinced otherwise. Therefore how reasonable can it be when poets in Lesotho sleep on the bed on complacency and complain about lack of platforms for them? Implication here is not that for a poetry sphere to be in a good state it needs to be reflected solely through internet presence but rather with a powerful internet presence more collaborative work is easily possible; more poets’ networks are easily achieved.
Facebook, twitter, blogger, bandcamp, MySpace, twitter, wordpress and many others can inject impressive growth in Lesotho’s poetry sphere when taken advantage of.
On the other hand one may acknowledge fact that most poets in Lesotho are still young people who are not well established to a point where they can afford buying domains or to a certain extend be able to use the internet depending one’s financial state and geographical location. One can only hope the best for Lesotho poetry sphere in this year as well as a more powerful internet presence.
Below are some of the Lesotho poetry blogs, Facebook accounts and twitter accounts


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2 responses to “The internet era – Lesotho poetry on the internet

  1. littlemisshomosapien

    January 6, 2011 at 10:53 am

    A Very well-written piece. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your side of the world. Being “unprivileged” may indeed muffle voices, but wait til it builds up inside and explodes, and it will side-sweep everything on its way with its words’ reverberations. In this light, modernization has its good points.

  2. ndeethe motekase

    July 12, 2012 at 10:49 am

    i would lyk 2 join da era en b part of it,by submiting my own poems.


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