Classic Dirt – Masterpiece

When Classic Dirt drops on tomorrow, it will not only be a hip hop masterpiece worth every hip hop head’s ear, every music fanatic and every producer’s must download but also a major, ‘world-wide’ breakthrough for San, the-Instru monumentalist and Phil-The-Kritik; the brains and production architects behind Classic Dirt, a hip hop album that houses major hip hop artists worldwide.
With its promotional release having enjoyed close to 10 000 downloads on the internet, one thing is crystal clear; the masses are in-love with classic dirt’s concept and definitely thirsty for the full length project. The two production geniuses describe the project as the end-product of like minds, the consequence of understanding the musical and artistic benefits borne from international relations. Classic Dirt sees some of the world’s finest emcees, producers and vocalists on one record. Featured in the project is Lyrical TIP, Nawty P, Sage, Muzzy Muzz, The Holstar, Ceeceefied, BeatNick Dee, Core Wreckah, Deney, KV beats, Little Vic, CP,Moka Only, Cymtom, Pitso Ramkhula and Sledge.
Conceived and brainstormed two years ago, Classic Dirt was initially but a platform through which the two hardworking and highly skilled producers sought to flex their muscles on a single collaborative work but due to the positive response they got from experienced artists and producers coupled with a massive network they managed to build with other international artists, the project grew bigger than anticipated. San born Moeti Damane, of Audible Braille entertainment explains; “we never actually sat down to say we wanted to work on a certain project, all there was to it was that I wanted to work with Kritik as one of the producers I respect and he wanted to do the same but in the process of that something classical like Classic Dirt manifested”.
The name ‘Classic Dirt’ was inspired by JK Swoops’ response to some of San’s music which he had just given a good listen to and hence was adopted as the official name for the project. Classic Dirt is among some of the musical projects whose success relied heavily on the internet as it was the main tool for communication during the compilation of it. “It goes without saying that the internet played a very fundamental role, it wouldn’t have been possible for this project to be alive today if we didn’t have and used it. Via the internet we were obviously able to get in touch with numerous people, like-minds who understood where we wanted to take the project” San said, explaining how the internet played a big role in the success of the project.
For the two producers who have a strong and commendable internet presence, that is via their blogs, music portal, and social networking accounts getting relevant artists to be on the project was not a steep ride as most of the people they eventually worked with were familiar with their sound. They attributed their good selection of artists featured in the project to their willingness to listen and learn from different artists from different geographical locations. “We basically chose people whose music we admire, those who we believed could steer the project in the right direction but unfortunately, not all those who were approached are on the project. Some did not understand what the concept of the project was and hence it would have been foolish to bring such artists onboard, not that we may never work with them in the future.

On the day of the release, Classic Dirt will be made available on the internet where people will be able to download it for free. This move, they say, will not only make it possible for people all over the world to have access to it but also allow them to know how many people have downloaded it. The album will be digitally distributed by Audible Braille entertainment and will be released through one of the music portals that Audible Braille entertainment uses.


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