Welcoming AFURAKAN to the blogging world

Hello my beautiful brothers and sisters, hope all is good in this cold weather. i’d like to take this opportunity to welcome one of my favorite South African slam poets, MR Thabiso Mohare AKA AFURAKAN to the blogging world and to the wonderful wordpress blogging platform. As a poet i have been highly inspired by Afurakan’s work, in particular a poem called ‘INNER SENSE‘ to an extend that I, together with my fellow Lesotho male poets started a project called POETS PARADISE MALE POETS PROJECT under the theme, MALE POETS AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE. The poem explores the pain and struggle of a young girl who fell prey to the hands of our brothers who have lost their INNER SENSE. Afurakan performed in Lesotho for the first time on March 25 2011 at the Poetry Farm Valley Breeze poetry festival. let me hope he will post some of the performance videos on his blog for you to see. i believe, in poetry spheres that are still in their infancy like Lesotho’s poetry sphere where most poets are strangers to poetry workshops following and visiting Afurakan’s blog should now and then provide them with necessary inspiration, knowledge and advice. Now enough about the intro, check the blog Afurakanage here. Also find the blog under my blogroll next time you happen to visit my blog.



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