AFROCONSCIOUS, a South –African published art and literature journal featuring poets and writers from Southern Africa presents AFROCONSCIOUS Poetry competition –LESOTHO
This competition which is strictly for Lesotho poets invites all interested poets to write a poem(s) under two themes and stand a chance of 1) Winning the first AfroConscious journal copy (published 2010), 2) having their poem(s) published on the Lyrical Bacteria blog [] and the U WRITE WHAT U LIKE BLOG [] 3) as well as a chance to be featured in the next AfroConscious issue.
Two themes for the competition which will span two months, with each month having its own theme are; FREEDOM & ACTIVISM AGAINST VIOLENCE TOWARDS CHILDREN AND WOMEN.
The theme for the month of July is; FREEDOM (what you think of freedom, your personal definition of freedom etc).
Entries will be accepted from July 1st to July 20th. Poems can be submitted to following email: or meet in person with the coordinator, SECHABA KEKETSI via the email given, Twitter: or Facebook: or contact telephonically: +266 6337 3926


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