The following poet is one of the most free-minded female poets I have met in Lesotho. She speaks her mind freely and openly achieving that with a creative yet simple word play. Below is one of the most recent poems. To read her Poets Blog interview click here

Sex without substance
Pillow talk
Something you excelled in
Smoothly seductive star in your production
Never meaningfully meaning to fall in love again
‘Cause what is love?
Back breaking slow motion
Slow sessions earth shattering
Breathe- taking blind sensations
Have you been duped into feeling
These feelings for Mr. Right
Now all you ever hunted and hungered for
Is meat never mind the potatoes
Sex without substance
No need for meaningless chit chatter
Beyond the carefree pillow talk
Words spoken to be forgotten
Anyways, so why should it matter
If you suddenly feel victimized, dickmatized
Caught up in the motion of not getting ‘caught up’
Mesmerizing dramatization of the single life
Without failing to realize
Sex without substance will never make you a wife
©Moretlo Likate



  1. Its possible she can be dickmatized, and also romanced
    im speaking from another stance..
    she can love the stick..but his love for her might be her fix…
    what shes addicted to…its all about how you depict it boo..
    He can be giving her his love, time and affection…but they just have a strong sexual attraction..
    Feeding her mental, mind and spirit…these things goes on although you dont hear it…
    I have a obsession with pleasing my lady allowing her to feel like shes the only woman in the world, and she is to me
    So ladies when you speak for men you cant speak for me…
    Baby I cover the whole spectrum when it comes to pleasing my love, and she is still dickmatized…
    I’ll let you hear from her , because im clearly not like other guys…
    Physical, material…
    emotional, spiritual…
    most definitely mental
    i cover all of her essentials….and she defintely cover mines
    we might just be one of a kind….

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