Woman Scream Poem #5 – Only because I know

A strange feeling this is; that I have
A feeling that you feel like a stranger to happiness
Strange indeed that the ones who purport to love you treat you like a stranger
Strange indeed that those who should support and give you a treat abuse you
Strange unfortunately that you feel like a stranger in your own bed, your own home, your own street, your own village, your own town, your own country, your own continent, your own world,
The world that you alone unstintingly carried for months of pain, suffering; mixed emotions
Scream woman, scream, though not silently
Scream aloud woman; even a stranger will hear you.

Most see the glamour and glitter and think it’s a bed’a roses
Most see your laughter and smile and don’t see your tears
All see your courage and strength and don’t see your fear
You can smile because you reveal the champion in you;
We admire you for that, but wish you could champion the fight
Champion the fight against woman abuse by revealing the hurt
Scream heavily woman for your liberation.

I know you are screaming only because I know you are hurting
But it seems like your scream is falling on a deaf ear;
“Is everyone blinding themselves from the obvious?” You ask
If your scream be magnified, all nations will hear
We wish you help, but help us and remove the mask
Stop protecting those coward wish a mask of fake smiles
Just scream the reality and you will be liberated.

Scream woman, the walls and valleys will echo your suffering
The word mauling and cursing that are thrown at you are depressing
The painful sound of your head hitting the walls is very distressing
My business it is; when we hear the shouting, when we hear your scream
We risk sticking our nose in your private life when your life is at risk
Let’s all cream “woman” and echo the need for her liberation from suffering

We will fight for your liberation from all sorts of abuse so keep screaming
It’s not so far in time that they will all hear your scream
I can tell you now that your oppressors keep you in chains because of fear
They fear your inner leader, your inner strength
I will scream for your liberation because I know with it comes joy
Because I know woman, you are the one to lead every win in our lives;

Reveal the lioness inside you
Roar woman and scare all‘a them cowards
Roar woman for your recognition
Sent the world into vibrations with your roar woman
Vibrations for the world to feel and notice your worth.
Roar woman because I can already hear your silent scream!
And Because I know, they should all know.

By Phoka Thene

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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