Woman Scream Poem #6 – Can You Really

Tears, dried up making tracks on her face, telling a story of something that took place. A trust violated, love giving place to hate; summer giving way to winter in its stead. Innocence stolen from the one who did not expect it, her life altered forever in one instant. Her oasis, her safe haven has betrayed her heart and she insists she should have seen it from the start!

Its not a case of someone who has been looking for trouble, its just someone who has been looking for treasure in the rubble. She hasn’t had the safety bubble from anger & pain; opening up when alone, publicly hiding the strain! Soldiering through each day, knowing she could at any moment crumble, won’t even grow personally, at every step she seems to stumble. Other than the pain, numbness overshadows her life, praying for relief, from what feels like a knife!

Undealt-with issues follow her everywhere she goes, a life of mistrust leaves her soul full of holes. Violates her own body while hiding it all, seeking a high only to get a fall. Trapped in a system with only catastrophic results, refusing help or reason, always hurling insults! Pillow saturated with salts from the tears she cries, her question is, “How many people can truly identify?”

By Relebohile PhiriChild Mosotho

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.



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