Woman Scream Poem #7 – The Message

They say love is tainted
But women face it
Bruised and scared from fists,
Whips and words they stay in it
Women scream to the top of their lungs
So u can here their pain
Women scream to share their strength even when lions raw nd grounds shake

They scream till your drum ear burst because, you say they are weak.
They are weak because they shed tears in pain and joy, Because they feel

Are they weak? and yet they sit in parliament for your survival,
A Police women to stop the crime
A soldier to fight for your country.

Women scream because they want a moment of silence. To hear their heartbeats and thoughts so you can Understand their worth.

Women! Carry on screaming till you’re heard!

By Maphano Mohapi

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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