Woman Scream Poem #8 – She

She spends most of her days in the kitchen,making sure he doesn’t go hungry.

She never complains but she is forever submissive. She carried his babies & cared for them,all on her own.

Some days she needs help but he doesn’t bother besides,he is the man of the house.

She wears make up,not as a way of enhancing her good looks but to hide the bruises on her face.

To her it has become a way of life,the beatings,the abuse. What else can she do but remain silent? He is the breadwinner.

She does think of leaving but what about her children?She knows he would make sure she never saw them again.

He is such a good man but only in public. What would people say if they found out a man of his status is abusing his wife?

Who is to blame?Her for not leaving a dangerous situation?or him for turning their marriage into a war zone?

Is she going to end up like the rest of them?Just another statistic?I can almost see the headline”woman dies after years of abuse”

Its the same story everywhere but we can change it. Let us change the ending of the story & put a smile on her face. Break the silence on violence against women.

By Senate Moshoeshoe

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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