Woman Scream Poem #9 – Let Them Cry No More

i slept late because of a crying and screaming
voice woke up early the following still i heard the same

noise tears cascading down her

face running so fast as if they were

in a

raceher body in so much pain from kicked and pushed around the whole
nightwhat has our culture done to her for she cannot

fightyet she allows bruises to fell her body like chicken Pox..

her body so swollen like she has just been blown up like a balloon
thoughts run through her mind like blood in her body as she sits

in her room

while he has went out to grab a few

to trick his mind into believing what he did was right

as he comes back the old movie replays again
but this time around what is set to be luxury
turns out to be her worst enemy

as he flung her against the wall  down she goes

and boom! she bangs her head

abruptly! there came an epiphany
that if she does not leave him and say” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”
death is most certain of her

 so she took her child and together fought him

disrespecting our culture it may seem

but no the time is now to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

so they went forth and stood stock-still

By Marothi Tohlang

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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