Woman Scream Poem #11 – . Speak To Gather Not Shatter

Relieve me and let me live
Your words always leave me a mess
Never once do you tell me I’m wearing a pretty dress
Instead, all you do is cut me up, slice and dice, leave me feeling smaller than rice!
Don’t you like seeing a smile on my face?
Don’t you want me to walk confident with grace, watch me flow at my own pace instead of constantly showering me with disgrace!

Once you claimed love back, i shared my passion with you and anticipated a positive reaction, instead you give me implication and judge!
Listen here, i don’t like resentment; my soul remnant with hate, bitterness and anger.
Excuse me brother but please relieve me of your bother!

I love myself, damned if I’m going to allow you to make me self conscious and defensive.
I’m set off from your barriers…
And invisible lines,you don’t move me anymore, i know all your signs.

My suggestion: draw up the blinds, take a long and careful look before you choose your words.
And if your intention is to make sure it hurts, so that you can teach me a lesson…
Do remember, I’m an accessory to life,Not a felon in your prison.

By Lineo Segoete

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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