World Poetry Day – My Poets’ Quotes

These are some three quotes from different poets I found to be relevant today

” A great poet … must have the ear of a wild Arab listening in the silent desert, the eye of a North American Indian tracing the footsteps of an enemy upon the leaves that strew the forest, the touch of a blind man feeling the face of a darling child.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

”To take part in the African revolution, it is not enough to write a revolutioary song; you must fashion the revolution with the people. And if you fasion it with the people, the songs will come by themselves and of themselve.”- Sekou Toure.

” Afurakan:  Performance poetry brings life to the written word. It adds depth to ones writing and also helps your work reach more people by adding the entertainment element. If poetry is going to reach people, it also needs to entertain them.” – Afurakan Thabiso Mohare

“Let poetry be the bliss of Life, then humanity will know true meaning of smile” – Poloko Lesuoa

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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