World Poetry Day – Interview with Sbulelo Jele Sbu J ( Swaziland )

The following electronic interview was between this blog’s administrator and Sbulelo Jele Sbu J representing Rooted Soulz, a poetry collective/movement in Swaziland.

LB : sir, as a poet in Swaziland, could you just describe the Swaziland poetry sphere for the past decade?

RS: Poetry in the last decade has begun to gain recognition although at a slow pace. To most people their only interaction with poetry was during school where poetry is taught under the umbrella of prose literature but over the years there has been the emergence of poetry organizations (Rooted Soulz included) which have facilitated the growth of poetry through organizing all over the country and making show in every high profile event there is at least a performance by a poet. In a nutshell Poetry is reaching to a lot people gradually so.

LB: In Swaziland how well is poetry appreciated and thus what role do you think poetry plays in the country, especially in times when the country is facing financial and political problems?

RS: The role of Poetry in the socio-political arena is a vital one. In as much as we aim to conscientise the people on the status quo in the country we try to impart strong messages to emancipate the people’s minds. We trying to achieve a generation of thinkers. In as much as poetry can entertain one has pick a valuable life lesson

LB: In celebrating World Poetry Day, what achievements as poets will you be celebrating in Swaziland? Also what is the significance of this day in Swaziland’s poetry sphere?

RS: In celebrating World Poetry Day we are not celebrating any achievements but rather celebrating the Poetry itself whereby poets from all over the Kingdom will gather and share poetry just for the love of it. For Swaziland World Poetry Day marks yet another leap in the growth of this artform

LB: how do you believe as the SADC region poets/poetry movements we can work together in contributing to the growth of poetry in the region?

RS: The forming of alliances between poetry organisations across the SADC region is of fundamental importance for the main reason accelarating the growth of poetry as well a cultural exchange and also strengthening ties between the countries as well as promoting tourism. In my own words,Poetry is the thread that stiches together the fabrics of society

~The End~

• Rooted Soulz will today hold World Poetry Day Commemoration at Alliance Francaise from 10am to 12 noon

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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