World Poetry Day – The State of Poetry in Lesotho

” Poetry in Lesotho is like a wave, it flactuates according to season and time. Maybe better put as orgasm, it hits a high at a certain push and can be invariant of time. We are at a time where the poetry movement is very low. There is a small number of mainline poets and those that were have seized to be. We are at a point that we as poetry organizations are trying to exert that push that will put in a high and maintain it there. Nonetheless, since the years 2005 or earlier poetry has grown to be appreciated and understood in Lesotho. Today more poets are writing books, recording albums, making poetry events. The only alarming issue is that as the old mature and put their work together, there are no young ones born, this is most definitely a path to extinction. Our efforts today are to escape this.” – Peter Mahase, Director at Poetry Farm

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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