Woman Scream Poem #13 – Death Did Her Part

She found him about his Fathers business
Christ like, light, salt
Eph 5:25 prone
she fell, he fell

cloaked in proverbs 31, sheer perfection
she marches down the aisle
armed with promises of Jeremiah 29:11
good plans, plans to give her a future_he was her future, she says i do

it began a smack across the face and a quickened apology
she don’t scream, she screen
two layers of foundation
we have all fallen short of the glory,
so she forgives

front row seat as he preaches love thy neighbor
front row seat as he kicks her to a miscarriage, Genesis 1:28 momentarily forgotten
still 70 times 7 times she wills to forgive

For better or worse
she clings to her word, to the Word
Hosea 2:19, betrothed to him forever
he forgets his word, cuts his own flesh;
broken ribs, blue eyes, bruise prints, stitches
she retaliates, in kind, tender-hearted, forgiving his inequities, as Christ did hers

Guarded in her spirit
unwilling to separate what God has brought together
she stuck to her end of Eph 5:22
in a union void of 1Corinthians 13:4
she hangs on a tree in the backyard of his dream home, till death did her part!

By Thato Toeba

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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