Woman Scream Poem #14 – The Scream

i scream today
that you will remember tomorrow
what i spoke of yesterday
I make heard my voice in this moment
and shun conformity behind doors shut,
locked and never to be reopened
see i have had enough of the
‘baby that’s how your ancestors lived’
‘maybe you made him mad’ and the classical
‘it won’t happen again’ kinda statements
which have left me shattered and broken over years
of hope bashed into walls together with my face
not only did he break my face,
he shut my very eyes from ever being able to see myself again
so this time he hit me in front of my children
he was suppose to be the love of my life
the one who promised me hope and i believe
ok, let me back up and tell you my story
sweet 16 draped and wrapped around in a whirlwind
heart throbbing and tongue tying romance
i vowed regardless of my mother’s protests,
daring to declare that she didn’t understand
never understand that this that i was now living was her story
of how i came to be
3years later he told me he wanted a 2nd wife
i cried and begged but finally decided
i didnt want him to stay for me
19year old mother of two
forbidden by public opinion and
whoever tradition is from returning home
so blood, sweat and tears i scraped my way to a meal a day
and smiles on my babies’ faces
then came prince charming; the man of my dreams
promised hope and a future for the children i had born
and myself so relentlesly i ran hard after him
eating hungrily at his every word
little did i know…
so eeexxxcuse me if i scream ffor women like myself
with tear stained hearts and dreams shattered beyond hope
i take this moment to celebrate mothers and women
for one woman’s story is every woman’s story
some tell of physical scars
but the majority of us hold the unseen
and often ignored brokeness of shattered dreams
     so i scream for their struggle…

By Rethabile Ntereke

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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