Woman Scream Poem #15 – Failed Union

“Till death do us part”, in unison they uttered,
Pledged before the priest and the congregation, this bond will never be shuttered,
In that day of ululations, the road ahead seemed golden,
Embarking on a fairy-tale journey, both convinced.

Now memories of that day torment and haunt her spirit,
Remorse dwells within brigades of her heart,
The holy matrimony transfigured into a hurt zone,
Though she depicts a fake smile, her eyes recite the anguish within,
She now coughs hurts and exhales agony.

In-laws dub her names for she fails to bear them grandchildren,
Verbally molested, her tribulations aggravate daily,
Relentlessly made to pay for a deed she has no power over,
No one can argue with what GOD has forecast;

Mother in-law hard at work to get her a substitute,
Corrupting her son’s mind with thoughts of divorce,
The once favorite ‘makoti’ made the community comic relief,
But what if the problem is within her son,
Why is it that women always fall preys and victims of prejudice????

© Letuka “Verbal-Saint” Qabalatsane

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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