Woman Scream Poem #16 – Clean

You coward
Uncircumcised oaf- You ninny
Margin is your fore and surname;
You tie ropes unknowing-
You wear the mask of polite and decorum-you relenting washed bum,
Intention-twisting scum, nothing but hum-drum to be sung by your clean tongue…

You don’t move you merely stare,
You settle right there for fear of going somewhere/anywhere-
You surrender the nitty-gritty, rendering it spoilt, improper and filthy- what a pity.
In the face of scaled unforgiving demons you jump on immobility and choose nothingness over settling the score- YOU WHORE.

Look at the damaged inflicted by your silence and ignorance.
Dance to the beat-less music of your monotonous tune where you falsely think you are immune to it all-Afraid you will fall from your clean heaven?
What a sad, deplorable delusion.

Clean what do you mean by not wanting to be seen in the thick of the rowdy party and refusing to associate with the oppressed and desperate?
Is your crisp white worthier than the ruin?
Are the dusty feet of soldiers and warriors never right in your eye?
Your cataract-infested eyes that doubles as a spy of that infertile murderer called fear?

Clean language, clean footsteps, clean intentions and clean excruciatingly chilling cries as your world gets ingested by the silent, clean killer-SILENCE.

By: Liatile Mohale

Stop Violence Against Women

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.


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