Sheila Khala’s Book Launch

Sheila Khala in action

Sheila Khala in action

We caught up with Sheila Khala while preparing for her book launch in Lesotho, weeks after launching it first in South Africa, Free State Bloemfontein. The interview is captured below.

LB: In 2009 you published your first book. How has that changed your life as a poet and the lessons you learned?

SK: I published my first book in 2009, that stretched my name locally and internationally. It did change from being only a poet to being an Author also at the age of 19. It really brought so much attention on me,as a result my career as a poet blossomed with benefits of performing on variety of big shows. .

LB: One understands that after launching your first book, Formula you moved to the Free State on academic purposes, how did you find the poetry scene that side?

SK: Free State, Bloemfontein has an enormous crowd of poetry lovers .Their reception and support is a bit ahead from the one here at home. The government recognizes their art even though there’s always a loop hole of unsatisfaction everywhere but also they are ahead

LB: Having been a member of Poetry Farm & hence having obviously performed extensively how has performance poetry shaped your style of writing?

SK: Poetry farm gave me an opportunity on stage,talented and gifted as I am if I didn’t start with poetry farm I don’t think I would be a guru that iv become today. Even though we are not together now they are my family. Well,performing with people like Kgafela Wa Mogogodi a couple of times,Lesego Rampolokeng,David Wa Maahlamela, Napo Masheane, Hector Kunene, Jah Rose,Tania Tome from Mozambique the list is endless, who are also authors sharpened my writing skills as they are all big poets who differ in tastes of poetry,culture, presence. There’s written poetry and stage poetry,that needs to be noted.

LB: Tell us more about your new book,

SK: My new book,it just puts a huge smile on my face. I call it a manifestation of faith, ‘My Pen Is A Socialite’ As its titled is a collection of poems that some are experiences of good and bad times,appreciation of the hands of God,power tool I call love,creation,nature and a huge garden of motivation. Its a super revival. My pen in this case is branches in a tree,my pen my voice,my pen my ink,my pen my authority.

LB: One has observed that you launched your book first in Bloemfontein in the past weeks, and now to be launched in Maseru next week, why is this?

SK: This is a revolutionary book launch to spread my work and my gift extensively, after the 5th April launch in Lesotho I’ll be in Vaal, Limpopo, Durban, Mozambique, Namibia and many others. The pen is yet to affect nations as this year I’m touring Africa and signing my name in places. I,Sheila the queen of poetry I’m writing my name on the heart of Africa because I can.

Sheila Book launch; ‘My Pen is A Socialte’ will be on April 5th at Ster-kinekor -Maseru (cinema 3). Damage is M50. The launch features Free State poets; Hector Kunene, Jah Rose Nthabiseng Jafta and Lesotho’s Mpho Sefali-Moeketsi. The book features poems like; A prayer to the God of poetry,
Good morning Holy Spirit,When we write poetry,Phenomenal woman,
Breathing dreams and Nna to mention but a few.
Sheila is a former member of Poetry Farm, having joined it in 2007 to 2009.

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One thought on “Sheila Khala’s Book Launch”

  1. I’m really thrilled by Sheila Khala’s growing in Poetry industry and Literature as whole.She didn’t take long to hit shelve with Her second Project of Poetry and one can smell only success in her career. She’s doing marvellous and I salute her.I see her schedule will be tight on upcoming dayz and months by travelling a lot around Mzansi and Africa and spreading unspoken wordz.Wish you all the best PhenomenalSista. TM THIBA!

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