Olive Branch

The following article was originally posted on producer Suuth’s blog.

By Lineo Segoete

The name Olive Branch alone defined loosely is a symbol of peace, endearment and synergy quite a fitting brand for the two members (Isosceles and Future) and title to give to their pilot project.

The two emcees that make up the group are quite distinct from one another in backgrounds, flow and perspectives however, also exceptionally matched owing to the equilibrium they accomplish in
complementing one another’s styles and content.

The project is a delectable sneak peak into what looks like an abyss of talent, experiences and musical tastes. It represents a journey of how the young men grew up, where they came together and bonded as brothers as though a manifestation of predetermined destiny.

The content displays an array of social and life issues: sexuality, love, nostalgia, lessons learnt, giving praise and more), expressed with a ‘young brother’ signature that is humorous, well rounded and enthusiastic with their own brand of ‘swag’. This is a quality a lot of Hip Hop enthusiasts can relate to regardless of their demographic or where it is they are in the world.

The album further illustrates a spectrum of omotions we’ve all experienced in a tone that is reflective, intentional and explicit.

Whether deliberate or simply natural, this very feature, suited with; laid back delivery, killer production from the various producers they worked with (notably Johnson, Suuth, Cymtom, Signature) as well as featured artists and the exceptional mastering the ensemble deserves
special recognition, ESPECIALLY for a freshman project.

As far as skill is concerned, Iso and Future’s delivery sparks of experience, knowledge and continuous growth both personally and on their craft, which is good because this allows the listener to dedicate his/her attention to the message they are trying to convey or the point they are driving at. Above all else Olive Branch are blunt as far as who they are is concerned, portraying young Basotho Urban youth. This depicts a reality to the world that they are proud of who they are and where they come from, but also that they are quite aware of that they live in an integrated society and are ambassadors of a universal culture: HIP HOP.


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