Voluntary Insanity

The following poem was first published under Weekly Mail newspaper’s Poets Paradise column (Vol 2| No.14 | AUG 2008|)

Burn your revoltingly dirty socks
Socks of violence, elitism
Socks misleading your feet
Bandage me not
As I profusely bleed
Bleed blood of deeply embedded
Feelings of shame
Shame cremating my heart in blistering flame
Lead the way brothers
Castigate these propellers of moral decay
Forget not yourself
Fly away from this alien culture
Culture replete with brutality

Mark significant departure
From culture of voluntary insanity
Eradicate the woman-minority mentality
Conceived in capable minds
Disillusioned minds of poisoned hearts
Be not the black blistering sun
Raping sisters’ hearts into deserts

:: Lyrical Bacteria 2013


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