I am a Woman – #02_WS2013

I am a Woman

Shyly, in innocence, my first bud sprung,
Soon to discern
Who they said was I.
Quick to water with words were they,
Onto which, for dear life,
I strictly hung…
Whispers hoarse
Behind doors closed,
Thus my schooling begun:

“I am Woman;
The crumbling of man.
I am rug;
Nose-wipe for some wicked thug.
I am Old-And-Shoddy-Rag
On which thine vile desires
Thou art to drag.

I am Weak,
Worth no more
Than a broken stick.
All that is about me is dreary and bleak.
I am one on whom to look
With malice,
With guile;
To be abhorred- that is I.”

I drank in the teaching;
Lapped the produce of their tongues.
Biting off large chunks
Of their verbal utterance,
I swallowed them whole.
I withered as I grew
And knew not what to do…

“I am Scorn;
Away from me must the light be shone!
I am Harlot, I am Shame;
Behold mine body with great disdain.

I am Insect
Waiting in ready beneath your thumb
I am Woman;
I have no name.”

I listened, I heard,
‘Till, with bloated head,
I did want hear no more.
Something was changing;
My rose was in bloom,
And to contain it within me
I had no more room!
Now my song is different,
Listen and hear
Behold ye and see
The breaking of dawn:

“I am Speech,
Sturdy and strong;
Invoking within you
Emotions long gone.

I am Grace,
A waltz in my walk;
Your mouth agape
Yet not do you talk.

I am Strength;
Your helper, but not your slave.
I am one who came
From The One Who Is.

I am Vigour, I am Skip;
Passion seeps
From succulent lips.
I am Jewel, I am Beam;
Superior in poise,
Entrancing in gait.

I am Shout,
Hearken ye the awakening noise!
I am Rage;
Do you dare to spoil my page?

I am Fountain,
Splashing; soothing…
I am earthquake-
Disturbing in my wake!

I am alive,
I see that I am.
Not as I was,
But now I subsist.
I am Phenomenon. I am Beauty.
I am Woman.
I am Soul.”

I am. I am Woman.

By Anna T. Gowera


:: Lyrical Bacteria 2013


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