The Voice – #_01 WS2013

The voice inside

Today the reflection was rear,in my eyes i saw nothing but emptines
It was broken,and i kept seeing different parts of me
Te beat me so hard yesterday i forgot the reason why.
With thoughts persuing my mind i wanted to justify his ways, i loved the bastard n i offered myslf in depth to my soul.
Stratified by the confusion and no sense of belonging,i became nothing bt a myserable novel to read.
Why stay?
He promised to take me to an early grave,i’m already there.
Sworn by a priest an values of morality i see no sense of mortality for the devil has taken over. He promised to take care of me but the monster has declared war against my soul.
This mirrior is a reflection of a woman not known to me, a picture of a sorry soul or should i say bitch as he calls me with that grim look on his face this sorry excuse of a ‘Cain.’
today before i could top up more make-up i saw a child in me,i felt a voice within me…
‘ If you leave,u could gain a bit more,’ she was right,i was beginning to see my skeleton but the battle between heaven and hell was not over nor would it end with me.
My soul was torn beyond repair bt as i tried to touch myslf,i felt like a ‘see-through’ and then i realised. It was over,the voice was my soul bidding farewell. Had i taken the liberty,i wud be alive. There it was,that low fat skeleton of mine.
There was no mirrior to see anything,there was no voice to hear but the sobs of those who cared about the woman i used to be. As they sent me six feet under.

By Nthabiseng Senekane


:: Lyrical Bacteria 2013


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