The Women #03_WS2013

We are the woMEN
The lesser of human race
Men consider us shadows
Merely seen but not heard
We are the faithful wives
Of the men you send to the gallows
Slaves we are in disguise
Working tireless without chains
We are the receptors of the world’s anger
As we smile to our husbands’ sweet slap
We are the mothers of the children you kill
We gave birth to sons that steal
We are the vessels in the danger of rape
Mute we are made in a noisy world
Women we are as our dreams die
We aren’t allowed to pursue goals so high
Even as our men take refuge with a harlot
Our duty it is to give him warm welcome
We are the humans praying all night
Helpless we are in the heat of a fight
We are the women of the world
Killed countless times without a sword

By Ogamba Frances



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