Inikpi #05_WS2013

  Attah) *
 ( 21
st February 2013
  in honour of
  the first woman president of Korea Senator Park Geung-Hye
Greater love have never been
Nor will there ever be like yours
That you walked with your own legs into your grave
For Igalaland
Inikpi oma ufedor Attah!
Warrior daughter of a warrior king
And songs and legends have lived after you
Ah! Inikpi more graceful than the gazelle of the savannah
Each strand of your hair was more precious
Than amethyst and chrysoberyl
Who was that fool that dares to stare openly at Inikpi when
She passes at the market square?
With your slender neck and slender waist
The dexterously patterned Igala marks that flowered your cheek
The ever in attendant fly whisk in your hand
And the blinding sparkles from your teeth
The golden anklets and rings on your feet
Ah! The performers that followed your everywhere
Singing your praises
 Ojo odoba * certainly took time creating you
Inikpi virging daughter of the ballad moon
Yea! That very moment that you were covered with sand
Total darkness blanketed the world
All the sound were still`d, silence fell on the clocks
The world have since searched everywhere for you
But you emerge today in faraway Asia
Warrior daughter of a warrior king
Park Geun-Hye!
First woman president of Korea!
Inikpi- proud daughter of
IGLALA KINGDOM who sacrificed her life for her land so they could defeat their enemy in war
oma ufedor Attah- beloved daughter of her father.
*Ojo odoba- name of almighty God in Igala 
By Omale Allen Abdul-jabbar


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