Super Female #07_WS2013

Super female

Destiny voices call
Louder and louder they become
Hearing them from afar
Louder are the contemplations as well

Senses within tend to disagree
Tearing us apart
We rule the world
The world right on our fist

Stereotypes batter persistent urges to lead
Gender views draw us back
They tell us that we are not ‘man’ enough
Tell you what?
We are WOMEN enough

They called education a boy-thing
They called career a male-endeavor
Passive were women
Not long, our heads are up
We speak female
We stand tall amidst it all

Ignore not the voices of destiny
For the truth lies therein
Accept not defeat
Girls, ladies, women…
Join hands and be the super girls, super ladies and super women on planet.

By Emilly Achieng


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