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Hello, my name is Sechaba Keketsi. This blog was started during the time when I was actively involved in poetry, as a result most old posts are poetry related. I have grown to find myself deeply inlove with entrepreneurship and instructional technology. Thank you for visiting this blog and hopefully we will have a meaningful interaction. Linkedin profile:

The THUD M100K Equity Investment Challenge

The Hook Up Dinner (THUD) Maseru has been running a M100K Equity Investment Challenge which will be going on until September 2018. This challenge is one of THUD’s endeavors to invest in the growth and the development of local businesses and to contribute to building a good ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship in the country.

There are many ways in which entrepreneurs can raise funding for their businesses and the method which an entrepreneur uses for fundraising will depend on the intended use of the funding and the stage of development of the business (start-up or early stage business or well-established business). Read More



Maseru Poetry Exchange

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Maseru Poetry Exchange is a poetry festival by Poetry Farm. It replaces what used to be known as Urban Poetry Buffet festival which started in 2008. Poetry Farm will host Mak Manaka in this event.

Maseru Poetry Exchange Facebook event page: Join Maseru Poetry Exchange

Maseru Poetry Exchange Official Hashtag(s): #MaseruPoetryExchange | #MSUX2013

Poetry Farm Contact Details: Talk To The Farm

He That Promised Never Came #14_WS13

He That Promised Never Came

He came
Pretended to be tame
But he was a fox all the same
Crept into their midst 
And took away their peace

He came
Like an angel of light
Shining ever so bright
And claimed he understood their plight
He filled their stomachs 
With fascinating stories
He would lead them from their sufferings
Just like Moses
To the promise land 
Lending his helping hand
They were amazed
And set their hearts ablaze
With the fire of hope.

He came
With words sweet as honey
And took away their hard earned money
He took them for fools
Of course they were nothing but his tools
Just because they were poor.

He came
Promising them the land over the seas
Where money grew on trees
As they smiled 
Their lips cracked
It was the first smile in a long time
Their eyes sparkled in their tears 
As it washed away fears 
Of all their wasted years

He had gone to return soon
And would bring them a silver spoon
But the days stretched into years
Their hope no more strong
For they waited for so long

Then they realized 
That they had been brutalized
He took their trust
And dashed it on the rocks

They waited and waited but in vain
For he that promised never came.

By Queen-Esther Egbe

Walking Shoes #13_WS13

Walking Shoes

Sun to the gun

Daughter to tears you consciously let run

Down my face

Leaving a trace

Of centuries of women battering

Your tongue defiles my kind and me

With sharp words of slander

like sepulchral mantras

Creating masks

that trap us under

like suffocating black skins

mutating beneath thick layers of foundation

suppressing our pigmentation

with the expectation

of your approval

instead of your brutal

fist defacing me

making my womanhood the worst form of slavery

imposed on human species.

Before you crush me into pieces

This is

Where I draw the line.

No longer will I

Be that girl who walked streets

face covered with thick layers

Of foundation and mascara

To cover patches where you scared her.

A piece of trash

is what you made me feel I was worth.

Making me hate from childbirth,

my looks to my base

Before mirrors trying to erase

The black of me

Just look fair enough for you.

But this time I’m through

For long I tried to understand you boo.

But you kept your boot up in my face

Stamping your authority

Over me and my body

Now I’m tired of trying to understand

Now I over-stand

with my walking shoes up in hand

as I am moving on,

Not because I am not strong

I am too strong to stay

nd endure this for yet another day.

Done with fighting you,

I’m strapping on my walking shoes

And finally leaving you

By Mercy Dhliwayo

Untitled #12_WS13

ke lekhara-khara la eng mosamong, monna a thikhithela sa thipa ea sekeqe e bua moketa, a chachametsa sa masumu o habile mokoting, metsi e matha likhororo ho theosa le khorong ea makhoaba, phokong sa lipere ho ea likella haheng la lipoli, ha se lerato nthoena ke peto, ngoana a ngaola sa mohakajane thoteng, monna moholo o tahiloe keng, u tahiloe ke takatso ho baba ‘meleng, ‘mane oa thaba ho chachametsa, bokhopo ba bohoeng sehloho, saratha se iname, hampe sa rathella le bana mot’seo. . . . . .

By Lesia Maphenchane

It Wont Break Necks #11_WS13

It won’t break necks

We saw the light
Darkness had set on
And infiltrated our minds
But then again
Women can crawl again
For their rise won’t break necks

With growing and
Uttermost shudder we watched
Young girls
Missing classes at certain time of the month
Young girls
Were married off to elderly men
How things change fast
For man chauvinism has been broken
And it did not break necks

Some would say,
“Why educate a girl? She is s liability!”
But I’m saying,
“Educate a girl and save the planet!”
For even if they acquire knowledge
It won’t break necks

Manpower; no, HUMAN power taking over
Gone are the days when a woman’s place was the kitchen
Going beyond the comfort zone
To unleash their potential
For if they choose to rule the world
The effect won’t break necks.

By Emilly Achieng

Roses are dead #10_WS13

Roses are dead

Roses are dead, violets are too i regret their
putrid fragrance,wrinkled petals depresses,
morning breezes brought dew.
Doses are bad, violence is too.

Solar flares strewn over gloomy sights, eyes of purple-bluish hue, bruised leaves clouded by discontent, precipitations of sadness falling with asunder showers.
Frantic pacing of retreating footsteps, when dawn and dusk merges in anticipation of her leaving the devil’s lair.
Poses are sad, silence is too

Wound healed not by suture.
As the sun descents the moon rises,and this chapter is brought to an end.
After all roses are dead.

Lebogang Scooter