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Maseru Poetry Exchange

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Maseru Poetry Exchange is a poetry festival by Poetry Farm. It replaces what used to be known as Urban Poetry Buffet festival which started in 2008. Poetry Farm will host Mak Manaka in this event.

Maseru Poetry Exchange Facebook event page: Join Maseru Poetry Exchange

Maseru Poetry Exchange Official Hashtag(s): #MaseruPoetryExchange | #MSUX2013

Poetry Farm Contact Details: Talk To The Farm

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Woman Scream International Poetry Festival – Lesotho

Illustration by Maliehe Marcel Ntee

Illustration by Maliehe Marcel Ntee

As part of the international awareness against woman violence and injustice, Poetry Farm has joined the Woman Scream international campaign to host events in the month of March to voice the cry against this violence. We have invited countless poets to participate. It is not a Poetry Farm event but a global initiative. Join the cry.

From 5pm to 7pm will be a performance set comprising of poetry,theater and a counseling psychology session.


Among the poets who will take to the stage we have;

  • Mmaletuka Mahalefele
  • Mpheulane Posholi
  • Rethabile Ntereke
  • Senate Moshoeshoe
  • Neo Sello
  • Sello Mpakanyane
  • Lineo Segoete
  • ‘Maphano Mohapi


Ms Liatile Mohale has written & directed many plays,such which include ‘Stationeng-Borokhong’. March 15th she brings you ‘Mother Knew’ – a one-woman play

Counseling Psychology session

Mr Mafa Maiketso, a lecturer at LCE, Counseling psychologist and a columnist will be presenting a ten-minute ‘Speak Psychology’ session on violence. He currently writes for Visions Magazine. He has been a columnist for two local newspapers namely Weekly Mail newspaper and Public Eye. He also has a Counseling Psychology session on Ultimate FM every wednesday


After the performance set will follow a movie aligned with the festival’s theme.

Admission is totally free! Just buy drinks and food at the restaurant.

Day One – March 15
Venue: Ouh la la cafe
Time: 5pm – 7pm poetry and a one-woman play.
7:30pm – 9:00pm a movie based on the theme

Day Two – March 16
Venue: National University of Lesotho
Time: 8:30pm

* For more info email or *

Woman Scream - Lesotho

Woman Scream – Lesotho

-::Lyrical Bacteria::-.

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Valley Breeze, Now Bigger and Better

ROMA – A local poetry collective; Poetry Farm has brought back to the local poetry calendar, the Valley Breeze poetry festival which was suspended in 2009 after running for three years. Valley breeze is held annually towards the end of March. This year it will be on March 26.
Valley Breeze, so called because the festival is only held in the roma valley promises to be one of the biggest Valley Breeze seasons to ever be organized. This year the festival not only has more partners joining but also sees Poetry Farm hosting a well known South African slam poet, Thabiso T. Mohare commonly known was Afurakan.
Apart from Women of the Well, all-ladies poetry collective which has been working closely with Poetry Farm in most of its events this year Poetry Farm has three other partners namely; +266 Lapeng LS brand, Thalitha Smile and Multimedia solutions.
Peter Mahase, the managing director of Poetry Farm indicated that it was necessary for Poetry Farm to partner with the afore-mentioned partners as Valley Breeze IV will mark the return of Poetry Farm and poetry festivals at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and Roma in general.
“To make the return of the Roma poetry festival (Valley Breeze) a memorable one and perhaps the most biggest we found it necessary to partner with other groups and companies so that we not only make it a memorable show but also the most successful in terms of package within the show and diversity” he said.
Valley breeze will be the second Poetry Farm-organized festival to host a South African poet, with the first having been Urban Poetry Buffet 2009 which hosted Napo Masheane. This will be the first time Afurakan performs in Lesotho.
The 29 year old Motswana poet, writer, activist and entrepreneur has a very lengthy career record which includes having organized and facilitated the “poetry in locomotion” open mic poetry sessions at Cool runnings and the Baseline for a period of eighteen months. He has to his name a poetry compilation named Slamathology released in December 2004.
Afurakan has opened stage for prominent poets like Kgafela Wa Magagodi, Lesego Rampolokeng, Lebo Mashile, Makumeele Manaka, Keorapetse Kgositsile to name but a few. He has also performed at the Urban Voices Poetry festival at the Baseline, Newtown sharing stage with Saul Williams and at the 3rd World Festival at Black Arts and Cultures in Senegal among other performances.
As has been the case with the past Valley Breeze festivals, upcoming poets are given chance to take to the stage, after having gone through an audition and rehearsal session. This year saw about only four male poets participating in such auditions held last week at the NUL campus. All four are said to have successfully passed the audition and rehearsal session.
The organizing team which comprises of Poetry Farm and Women of the Well members said they believed the turn up to this year’s Valley Breeze will be much better than past years, as the festival has never suffered poor turn up since its inception in 2007.
Individual poets who will also take to the stage on Saturday include Ms Liatile Mohale, Nthati ‘Gifted’ Nt’sohi, Kekeletso Sekhoacha, Kamohelo Sebapo and Sello Mpakanyane to name but a few.
To add more flavor to the festival, there will also be music (fusion of reggae, jazz and hip hop), dance and visual creativity display.

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Valley Breeze Poetry Fest

Poetry Farm hosts Afurakan at the Fourth Valley Breeze poetry fest, find more info here . Otherwise check the Press release page for further info


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Are We Mirrors Of Our Time

Are we mirrors of out time?

I ask myself every time I write a poem, every time I converse with someone from outside, are we (Lesotho poets) the mirrors of our time? Is our poetry a verbal documentary of how governments rule our country and hence the impacts of all corners of our lives? This questions I ask quickly takes me to ask, what is the role of poetry in society?

About two months ago via Poetry Farm’s Facebook page poetry fanatics had quite interesting response to the similar question that was posted on the page. To quote but a few:”advocacy and voices” interpreted otherwise these response simply mean among others verbally documenting the daily happenings of our time, basically our experiences.

In a book called The Province of Poetry, under the heading Poetry and experience, the author puts it simply and intelligently, “the poet like the painter (also musician), is concerned with naming human experiences. Basically, it is his own experiences the poet attempts to name, and he does so partly to control the experience, to keep it from destroying any part of his world.” Obviously poets write about their experiences, but how many are writing about their bad experiences with say corporate governance then?

In his blog post entitled Facing our demons (dated Tuesday, July 07 2009) Nana Fredua-Agyeman; a Ghanaian Agricultural Economist and poet says “ It is a fact that every country has its own problems. Be it humanitarian, unemployment, jobs losses, accidents, rush-hour, murders, developing countries are not alone and so definitely is Ghana is not alone. However, what makes ours a topic to discuss are the causes of the problems” I feel the same statement still applies here in Lesotho, it is not the problems we talk about at such but rather the causes of such problems.

In a conversation with one member of the prominent Lesotho poetry collective Poetry Farm, I got a small idea of why maybe Lesotho poets are reluctant to talk about these type of issues. “If one were to talk about these type of issues in Lesotho I assure you we wouldn’t finish because almost everything about Lesotho is disheartening and disappointing” he said.

I pray I am not misunderstood here, I am merely asking a question not making a firm statement that Lesotho poets don’t talk about these issues. One may therefore ask, as to what triggered this question or maybe what has been my observance. As a poetry coordinator for a free Lesotho weekly tabloid, a reporter spokesperson for Poetry Farm and a poet I have been to many poetry shows, have read many local poems, have listened to many poets’ radio interviews I can safely say I have seldom heard of such poems.
Also the implication here is not that poets need to write about these issues only but one can only wonder, “how much information can people learn from our poems ten years later, about say, the state of affairs in the country”? In the same book, The province of poetry, the author continues to say “The poet writes for himself, but since he is a person, he writes also for all people”. My personal understanding of the statement is that though our poetry maybe for ourselves, we also write for other people and hence also about other issues besides our own personal experiences
How many of our poets (including myself) wrote something down and even spoke about say the banning of local music on the state-owned Ultimate fm and many other pressing issues of our time?
These article was inspired by Core Wreckah’s Enuff Shouts track, his banning of local music on Ultimate fm article on the Corporate Nemesis blog.

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The internet era – Lesotho poetry on the internet

In every art form the internet or rather the use of internet has been seen to drive the engines of progress in the right direction, well depending on how it is used. With the advancement of the internet the world is now considered a global village, only requiring one to put their fingers on that keyboard or that mobile phone.
In poetry too, the internet has made things really simple. One can easily develop a headache trying to find the best top five poetry websites. The point I am driving home here is that poetry is so abundant on the internet once can easily loose track of poetry blogs and sites they know.
Coming to my home country Lesotho, one would wonder if the same notion of ‘abundance’ applies. With the majority of poetry events held in Maseru, the capital city and the majority of poets, (well to certain extend) based in Maseru it is beyond the shadow of doubt that poetry is more alive in the capital city than any of the other nine districts. With such an unpleasant state of affairs one would expect that Lesotho poetry is more alive on the internet than anywhere. But though it hurts to kiss the sometimes salty lips of reality, it is not the case.
To say one knows of more than ten Lesotho poetry blogs let alone websites would be quite a bad exaggeration, unless convinced otherwise. Therefore how reasonable can it be when poets in Lesotho sleep on the bed on complacency and complain about lack of platforms for them? Implication here is not that for a poetry sphere to be in a good state it needs to be reflected solely through internet presence but rather with a powerful internet presence more collaborative work is easily possible; more poets’ networks are easily achieved.
Facebook, twitter, blogger, bandcamp, MySpace, twitter, wordpress and many others can inject impressive growth in Lesotho’s poetry sphere when taken advantage of.
On the other hand one may acknowledge fact that most poets in Lesotho are still young people who are not well established to a point where they can afford buying domains or to a certain extend be able to use the internet depending one’s financial state and geographical location. One can only hope the best for Lesotho poetry sphere in this year as well as a more powerful internet presence.
Below are some of the Lesotho poetry blogs, Facebook accounts and twitter accounts


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Lesotho Poets to perform at Crahamstown national arts festival

GRAHMSTOWN- Two Lesotho poets namely: Mpoba Knowledege Monyeke and    Mr. Ranqhai  will be participating in this year’s Grahmstown National Arts Festival through the University of Johannesburg’s poetry society known as Afro Alphabets (AA). The two poets who are both students of the University of Johannesburg say they are adamant they will properly represent their poetry society as well as Basotho in general.

The Grahmstown National Arts Festival is an annual arts event that is held from June 20 to July 4th and is held in the province of Eastern Cape.

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