Poetry Farm

Poetry Farm is by far the leading poetry collective in Lesotho.

Poetry Farm has since its birth organized a lot of poetry shows in the country of Lesotho both on its own and in collaboration with other art collectives. Among some of the shows that have been organized by Poetry Farm are The Urban Poetry Buffet, Valley Breeze poetry festival, In-house poetry sessions, Déjà vu and many others

In an effort to uplift poetry and arts in the country, Poetry Farm has amongst others ran newspaper columns such as Poets Blog; a column that was started in an effort to let people know about their own Lesotho poets. Poets Blog was hosted by the Weekly Mail newspaper. Although the column is now defunct in the paper , Poets Blog interview continue to be published on the poetry farm blog at www.poetryfarm.blogspot.com .One other column which is no longer running was Poetry Farm Poetics which was hosted by the now-defunct The Breeze newspaper


Poetry Farm has a new blog. Check it out; www.poetryfarm.wordpress.com.


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