Maseru Poetry Exchange

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Woman Scream International Poetry Festival_Lesotho

As part of the international awareness against woman violence and injustice, Poetry Farm has joined the Woman Scream international campaign to host events in the month of March to voice the cry against this violence. We have invited countless poets to participate. It is not a Poetry Farm event but a global initiative. Join the cry.

Admission is totally free! Just buy drinks and food at the restaurant.

Day One – March 15
Venue: Ouh la la cafe
Time: 5pm – 7pm poetry and a one-woman play.
7:30pm – 9:00pm a movie based on the theme

Day Two – March 16
Venue: National University of Lesotho
Time: 8:30pm
Host: NUL Debate Society

* For more info:
Email >> or *

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VALLEY BREEZE IV – the Roma poetry festival
[press release]
prepared by Peter Mahase (Poetry Farm)
cell: +266 6200 9997

Valley Breeze is a poetry festival hosted by Poetry Farm (by far, Lesotho’s leading poetry collective) at Roma, hence the name – Roma is a valley. It started in 2007, and marked the beginning of the many mass Poetry Farm events to come. Since its inception, Valley Breeze has never suffered a disappointing turn-up, it has rather held its standard and turn-up to the pick. In 2009 the Valley Breeze was put to a halt because most of the people taking the lead in its organizing were leaving Roma (NUL), and the fear that the event would not be as properly organized made it come to a shut-down, to the dismay of many poetry lovers at Roma.

The Roma community voices a cry for the festival be brought back, and it is this year that Poetry Farm is bringing back the biggest poetry event in the history of NUL. The 4th ever Valley Breeze!

This year’s Valley Breeze promises to be the biggest and most diverse poetry fest Poetry Farm has ever held.

This year we have partnered with four groups and sister companies to make the event a success. Moreover, we will be hosting one prominent South African poet, Thabiso Afurakan Mohare.

Afurakan is a known SA slam poet, entrepreneur, and activist. True to himself and his culture. His style of poetry and delivery, are quite relevant to the world we live in today and invokes consciousness to the environment around. The biography and photo of Afurakan have been attached.

Besides, Afurakan, Valley Breeze will feature music (fussion of raga, hip hop, jazz, and so on), dance, and poetry from other poets from Roma and beyond. Many of these have registered to participate at the event already!

What makes Valley Breeze stand out this year, are the partners that Poetry Farm has got to make this event a success. These are,

Women of the Well: an all-ladies poetry collective, that represents the voice of women in all areas of life, from socio-economic to political, and all other areas where women might have been suppressed. This group of Ladies are holding hands with Poetry Farm in the organizing of the event, and will also perform at the event.

+266 Lapeng LS brand: a Basotho brand which is making its mark in both Lesotho and South Africa will be sponsoring Poetry Farm with their range of clothing on that day! This will also show the general attending public what the brand has to offer.

THALITHA Smile: a catering and decorations partnership between 3 Basotho ladies will also be doing the decorations and offering some snack for sale, to also showcase its products. The snack will be limited but scrumptious.

Multimedia Solutions: an outstanding group of graphic designers and video editors, will be showcasing their skills in visual creativity at the event.

Financially, the event is mainly sponsored by Poetry Farm and we are still seeking other interested sponsors, and we will hopefully get them before the event.

Date: March 26, 2011
Venue: SLT (NUL Campus), Roma
Time: 7pm til 11pm
A nominal door cover charge of M30 will be charged if people did not get tickets prior to the event. So, the event is low cost, but not free so as to cover all expenses since it is self-sponsored.


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