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It Wont Break Necks #11_WS13

It won’t break necks

We saw the light
Darkness had set on
And infiltrated our minds
But then again
Women can crawl again
For their rise won’t break necks

With growing and
Uttermost shudder we watched
Young girls
Missing classes at certain time of the month
Young girls
Were married off to elderly men
How things change fast
For man chauvinism has been broken
And it did not break necks

Some would say,
“Why educate a girl? She is s liability!”
But I’m saying,
“Educate a girl and save the planet!”
For even if they acquire knowledge
It won’t break necks

Manpower; no, HUMAN power taking over
Gone are the days when a woman’s place was the kitchen
Going beyond the comfort zone
To unleash their potential
For if they choose to rule the world
The effect won’t break necks.

By Emilly Achieng


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