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Maseru Poetry Exchange

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Lesotho Poetry festival to take place in June 29th 2013

Maseru Poetry Exchange is a poetry festival by Poetry Farm. It replaces what used to be known as Urban Poetry Buffet festival which started in 2008. Poetry Farm will host Mak Manaka in this event.

Maseru Poetry Exchange Facebook event page: Join Maseru Poetry Exchange

Maseru Poetry Exchange Official Hashtag(s): #MaseruPoetryExchange | #MSUX2013

Poetry Farm Contact Details: Talk To The Farm

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World Poetry Day – The State of Poetry in Lesotho

” Poetry in Lesotho is like a wave, it flactuates according to season and time. Maybe better put as orgasm, it hits a high at a certain push and can be invariant of time. We are at a time where the poetry movement is very low. There is a small number of mainline poets and those that were have seized to be. We are at a point that we as poetry organizations are trying to exert that push that will put in a high and maintain it there. Nonetheless, since the years 2005 or earlier poetry has grown to be appreciated and understood in Lesotho. Today more poets are writing books, recording albums, making poetry events. The only alarming issue is that as the old mature and put their work together, there are no young ones born, this is most definitely a path to extinction. Our efforts today are to escape this.” – Peter Mahase, Director at Poetry Farm

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Eavesdropping On a Conversation with Myself

Ever since I was made a member of Poetry Farm, a Lesotho poetry collective as well as the Poetry coordinator in a local newspaper, I’ve always taken it upon myself to help other poets in my country to spread their voices beyond the corridors or the pen and paper and rooms. The following poet gave me her poetry to publish on the Weekly Mail newspaper (a Lesotho free weekly) but I have extended to also publish it on my blog. In the coming posts I will also share her sister’s poetry, truly gifted spirit, Nthati Gifted Nt’sohi


As I never did try to exchange blows with affection

For you, even though find myself devoured and incarcerated

By liable efforts of forgetting as though losing you was not a choice

I subconsciously arm with soaring ramparts to be you-proof, although

I am obsessed with the reality that the guard is pointless

As I never lost instead I let you go


I swallowed something in my slumber, it felt like

A lump of what might be laments, however that shouldn’t

Matter because when the sun rises I still beam

Or perhaps I’m just losing my wits over what I dread

To be a repetition of my bad history, the history I’ve written over

And over with no fear of it catching up with me


There is no denying that I missed you, but

How can I, yet all I knew about was your name

There is however something I missed in relation to you-

Could it be what you used to do to me?

It could never be that you used to me laugh

As I have a mean parse sense of humor not it only though,

And good judgment too.


Despite the little distance covered between my eyes,

I have a big brain, big enough to have evaluated from

The onset that you and I, could have never be an US,


Although the curse of femininity – HOPE made me believe

If I tried hard enough I could convert you into

The man that I secretly wished you would become

And since life the great coach has trained me to

Not base my existence on expectation,

The failure of my feminine effort

Never got me down, rather inspired me to keep searching

And keep stepping, keep searching and keep stepping

Searching without anticipation of a Bill Gates, a Romeo or Einstein and

Instead of spotting what I thought I needed

It found me




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The internet era – Lesotho poetry on the internet

In every art form the internet or rather the use of internet has been seen to drive the engines of progress in the right direction, well depending on how it is used. With the advancement of the internet the world is now considered a global village, only requiring one to put their fingers on that keyboard or that mobile phone.
In poetry too, the internet has made things really simple. One can easily develop a headache trying to find the best top five poetry websites. The point I am driving home here is that poetry is so abundant on the internet once can easily loose track of poetry blogs and sites they know.
Coming to my home country Lesotho, one would wonder if the same notion of ‘abundance’ applies. With the majority of poetry events held in Maseru, the capital city and the majority of poets, (well to certain extend) based in Maseru it is beyond the shadow of doubt that poetry is more alive in the capital city than any of the other nine districts. With such an unpleasant state of affairs one would expect that Lesotho poetry is more alive on the internet than anywhere. But though it hurts to kiss the sometimes salty lips of reality, it is not the case.
To say one knows of more than ten Lesotho poetry blogs let alone websites would be quite a bad exaggeration, unless convinced otherwise. Therefore how reasonable can it be when poets in Lesotho sleep on the bed on complacency and complain about lack of platforms for them? Implication here is not that for a poetry sphere to be in a good state it needs to be reflected solely through internet presence but rather with a powerful internet presence more collaborative work is easily possible; more poets’ networks are easily achieved.
Facebook, twitter, blogger, bandcamp, MySpace, twitter, wordpress and many others can inject impressive growth in Lesotho’s poetry sphere when taken advantage of.
On the other hand one may acknowledge fact that most poets in Lesotho are still young people who are not well established to a point where they can afford buying domains or to a certain extend be able to use the internet depending one’s financial state and geographical location. One can only hope the best for Lesotho poetry sphere in this year as well as a more powerful internet presence.
Below are some of the Lesotho poetry blogs, Facebook accounts and twitter accounts


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