Woman Scream

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival

Woman Scream International Poetry Festival is part of the social mission of the Woman Poets International who also works towards the recognition of unknown talented women poets through their various activities, joint projects, and social networks. The MPI has the support of several cultural and literary institutions of importance that are partners of the events in various countries and cities.

Woman Scream includes activities such as conferences, exhibitions, outdoor activities, poetry readings, contests, and more. The various activities will involve men and women poets’ good-will ambassadors of the MPI movement in different countries and the collaboration of institutions, cultural groups, musicians, and artists who support this beautiful solidary work.

In 2013,Woman Scream is in its third year. Lesotho joined this global event in 2012 by organising a one day event, debate session and online publication of Woman Scream poems.

The festival happens through out the month of March in all participating countries and blogs.
In the case that an event can’t be organised Woman Poets International has given the administrators of this blog permission to publish poems and other material to continue the initiative online.

The focus of the festival is to celebrate women and castigate gender-based violence. Poems and other material submitted should be centered around both themes,that is they can be written around one theme or both.
If one wishes to submit different work for both themes, that is acceptable.

For those who wish to contribute please follow the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

    Poems, tracks, essays, articles and othe material submitted should be
  • Original work
  • Aligned with the theme(s)
  • Of any length
  • Sent via mail to sechabalb@gmail.com OR inboxed on Facebook to Sechaba Keketsi
  • Bear details of the author; full names and one social network username (if available) or blog/website address, download link (incase of tracks)
  • Composed in sesotho or english (or both)
  • Deadline for submission: 25th March 2013

    Woman Scream Official blog/website: www.womanscream.blogspot.com


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